If you are already on the job as a hospitality professional (chefs’, cooks, server, bartender, receptionist, etc) and you want to move to the next level there is a place for you in our USA program. You have to polish your professional skills through adequate training: training will bring the best out of you.

At Passport Chefs, a trademark of FFGGJ Inc., we have discovered that there are many ill-equipped chefs who have gone into the field only to discover their limitations-when it was too late. This is why you need to be well equipped because there is so much to learn and only systematic professional training can provide the requires essential skills. Give us the privilege to connect you with the best hotel in the USA from coast to coast and enjoy your career advancement.

  • Pastry and Bakery Course
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Culinary Arts Degree
  • Cooking for Fun Options

As well trained chefs who have worked in three different continents of the world, our services are affordable and without compromise on quality.

Our customer service is impeccable; our delivery is second to none.

              We are the BRIDGE. Connecting you to world-class  opportunities for training and international placement!

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Learn the art of creating exquisite meals from the traditional methods to masterful showpieces.
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