If you are already on the job as a hospitality professional (chefs’, cooks, server, bartender, receptionist, etc) and you want to move to the next level there is a place for you in our USA program. You have to polish your professional skills through adequate training: training will bring the best out of you. At Passport Chefs, […]

Training to be a chef means years of hard work. Setting personal goals will help to break tasks down to bite sizes and pieces. If your goal is to open a restaurant, achieve it by gaining the relevant skills. In addition to be being a good cook, you need to acquire good business skills. Alternatively, […]

The Benefits of Working with Food. The people who are truly happiest in their careers are those who are doing what they naturally love. What may have begun as a hobby or private pastime can grow into a lucrative business opportunity or a high paying job. This is an exciting time to enter the fastest […]