Many years ago when I tried to flip an omelet, it landed on the floor! But years after the story have changed. Come and learn what made all the difference and how you can apply the same techniques and become a professional!   With many years of working in some of the best hotels and restaurants -around the world, I have come to appreciate -the way I flip my omelet.

I have seen very good cooks that cannot flip an omelet. Not because -they can’t -cook but because they don’t have the basic –skills of flipping an omelet. This skill is so important for any chef or cook because you can’t make a good omelet without being skilled at flipping egg.

You will learn why some guests on my colleagues ‘line changed to my line and how you can wow your guests with the way you flip your omelet. If you are a restaurant owner, you can send your staff to our seminars.

If you are a chef, or cook and you lack these basic flipping skills, these seminars are for you.

If you are a culinary student and desires these skills, please make your way to these seminars and learn what will benefit you in the future. If you will like to give your spouse or family a breakfast treat without going to the restaurant, be your own chef in the comfort of your dream kitchen. If it sounds like you, there a seat reserved for you at these seminars.

If you cannot make it to the seminars but desire personal training at your convenient time, the good news is we are also available.

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