Frequently Asked Questions



How long does it take for Passport Chefs to offer me a program?

It can take anywhere from 1 day up to 6 months for our partner HRC to find you a job offer. This depends on your preferred start date, and your flexibility on your preferences of the career program, host organization and location. Typically, if you are available within 2-3 months, we are able to locate an offer close to your requested start date within a few days of your interview.


Can I reject the offer that Passport Chefs sends me? 

It is possible to reject the offer that Passport Chefs sends you but please state a clear reason of rejection so that we can do a better match for you the next time around. We aim to create a mutual understanding for the benefit of you and your future employer!


How will the interview process be with the host organization?

Most host organizations will have a telephone interview with you, but it can happen that they would conduct a Skype interview. The number of interviews depends on the particular needs of the host organization. Some host organizations conduct 1 interview while others may conduct 2 or more interviews.


How long does the whole process takes until I can start my program?

From the initial contact moment, it takes approximately 6- 8 weeks until you can start your career program.


Do I still need to pay the complete program fee if I already have my own insurance?

It is compulsory to take the Insurance plan provided by our partner company HRC. You can freeze your current insurance and re-activate it when you are finished with your program and back in your home country. If you have pre-existing illnesses whereby you have to receive constant treatment (dental / medical) then it is advisable to maintain your current insurance.


How do I freeze my own insurance in my home country/country of residence?

To freeze your current insurance, you will need a few documents to show to your own insurance company the reason for freezing your current insurance. Among the documents that you can show your own insurance company are the Form DS-7002 (signed by all parties) and the form DS-2019 that you will receive in the FedEx package from HTP.\


How long does it take? Do I have to pay for the J-1 visa or can my host employer pay that for me? 

It is you who will be paying your J-1 visa.


Can I pay my visa payments via bank transfer if I do not own a credit card?

If you do not own your own credit card, you can always use the credit card of your family or friends. If this is not possible, then the last resort will be a bank transfer. The reason for this is because bank transfers take some time before the payments are processed. Please contact Passport Chefs for details to make a bank transfer.


How long does it take for Passport Chef to send me the package which I need to take to the consulate?

It takes usually 3 to 5 business days from the moment the visa sponsor has received your complete application and your payment has been processed. The packet will be sent to you via FedEx and you will be given a tracking number for the exact day of delivery.


What does the Passport Chef / HTP package consist of?

The Passport / HTP package consists of the Certificate of Eligibility (Form DS-2019); Training/Internship Placement Plan (Form DS-7002) which has been signed by the participant, HTP, and the host organization contact person; proof of payment for the SEVIS fee (please take note that the address on the proof of payment will be the address of the HRC International, Atlanta); Information about the U.S. Port of Entry and Social Security procedures; an Evaluation which you will complete upon arrival to the U.S. and must return to HTP; and a handbook which you should read thoroughly and take with you to the U.S.


Can I change host employer during my program?

Well, the short answer is ‘no’ as the location of training is specified on the official Form DS-2019. We always urge our candidates to do their homework in terms of hotel type, training program, location, etc. Now, in the singular event that the terms or conditions change during the course of the training, participants must call the visa sponsor to determine if they warrant a transfer of training site. In the event that a transfer is granted, you will need to be flexible and open to other locations, type of hotel and training. Also, there will be transfer costs involved of $695 (2018).


Are there any restrictions of nationality or any maximum age to apply to the programs?

There are a few countries where HRC candidates have not been very successful obtaining visa. Some of these countries are politically unstable, are not on good terms with the USA or have a high immigration risk. There is no maximum age but the more senior someone is, the more difficult it becomes to justify that this person needs additional training.


How much money will I make? What is my salary?

You will receive a competitive salary, which allows you to have enough money to cover your expenses. If you get paid on hourly wages, you will be eligible for overtime pay. If you work in the F&B department, you will receive gratuity on top of your salary. In the USA, customers are required to pay 15-20% of the total bill. You are also required to pay for federal, state and city income taxes, but you will be eligible for tax refunds.


What are the fees for the J2 visa?

There is a cost for a J2 visa $995 processing fee and the cost of insurance. Adult J2 participants will pay $135 per month for insurance. Children up till 18 years old J2 participants pay $200 per month for insurance. Payment for insurance can be paid in monthly installments.


Do you offer positions outside of hospitality?

No sorry we do not. We only do hospitality.


Do you also offer 6-month programs for taking a training hospitality program?

We sometimes also offer 6-month program even though the majority of our programs is 12 months.


Do I need work experience? Does an internship count?

Yes, nearly all of HRCs host employers require prior relevant work experience in the department you are applying for. This work experience could have been a full-time job or an internship and would preferably be 6 months or more.