Your big hat must be accompanied with your big heart. Undeniably a big hat is visible for everyone to see, but a big heart leaves a lasting effect that is often difficult to forget.
Some chefs have a big hat, but very small heart. A big heart takes big steps; it accomplishes big things, makes big impacts and enjoys big success. As a cook or a chef, you need a big heart to do great things!
A big hat might deceive you that you don’t need to learn from anyone again, but a big heart will remind you that you do not have a monopoly of knowledge.


A big hat will prevent you from taking a step forward, but a big heart will encourage you to take on a new challenge.


A big hat will be delighted in past glory, but a big heart will dare you to dream big.
“I know everything” a big hat would say, while a big heart would say, “I’m open to learn new things”.
It is not a matter of you wearing a big hat, but having a big heart: A Big hat prepared you for a service but a big heart prepared you for a big future.
A big heart brings about big thinking, big ideas, it makes you deal with impossibility.
Without a big heart, you cannot step out and have your big restaurant kitchen. Without a big heart, you cannot compete with many in the field. Without a big heart, you cannot stand in front of a live TV audience.

Chef Ramsay doesn’t use a big hat, but he possesses big heart.  I would rather wear a small hat, but possess a big heart! 


Come and learn in our seminars what it takes to have a big heart, instead of a big hat!