Your big hat must be accompanied with your big heart. Undeniably a big hat is visible for everyone to see, but a big heart leaves a lasting effect that is often difficult to forget. Some chefs have a big hat, but very small heart. A big heart takes big steps; it accomplishes big things, makes big impacts and […]

Many years ago when I tried to flip an omelet, it landed on the floor! But years after the story have changed. Come and learn what made all the difference and how you can apply the same techniques and become a professional!   With many years of working in some of the best hotels and restaurants -around the world, I have […]

The term ‘Chef’ is often misused.  The word ‘Chef’ is French, meaning is ‘I lead the kitchen’. A professional Chef is a multi-skilled craftsman,  a highly trained artist who can not only cook and identify ingredients by taste but also manage, train and supervise staff, the financial savvy to run a business, organizational skills for liaising […]

Every single day, there are real games going on in kitchens around the world. These games can be played with you just as it can also be played against you. The good news is that you can be in charge of the game no matter where you work as a cook – your location not […]

Passport Chefs is an importer of fresh, organic and flavor-filled oven-baked fish. Our products are fresh and affordable, offering you the best value for your money. As a highly skilled and experienced culinary Chef, that works with various ingredients every day - this bold, flavourful fish is chef approved! Once you have one, you will [...]

How to manage your error on a very busy line, how to turn around your mistake during your live cooking. We all screw up one way or the other, but it very important how we handle it especially under the watchful eyes of our guests.  Come and learn how to turn it around in your kitchen. There is a world of difference between confidence […]