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Chefs without borders. Cooking without boundaries.

Passport Chefs, a trademark of FFGGJ Inc. is a Canada-based hospitality consulting & recruitment service company.

Passport Chefs offers the opportunity to study culinary art across the Globe. Offering applications, internships, work placements and settlement assistance, tailored to meet the needs of students & professionals, while offering personalized support and guidance every step of the way. Passport Chefs also offers in-home and event catering opportunities.
Formerly ‘The Super Kitchen’, we have taken our years of extensive experience working with some of the top hotels in the world and re-branded as Passport Chefs, to help individuals looking for the same opportunities. Having worked with Marriott and Sheraton Hotels brands in Europe and North America, we have extensive industry knowledge, experience and work ethic in the hospitality industry. We specialize in making our clients’ dream kitchen a reality by supplying their kitchen equipment and chef uniforms needs. We focus on hotels, restaurants and residential kitchens.

At Passport Chefs we understand that every great destiny starts with guidance and skill development, and offer this through our educational consulting and internship placements.

Skill is the gateway to the market world and skill is a direct product of training.
Training is one of the most valuable assets in the school of success. It is a process for acquiring desired skills. Formal or informal training is a must in hospitality industry.

If you desire to become a world-class chef, it will be our privilege to connect you with one of the best culinary schools in Europe that will help you develop as a professional chef in all areas of expertise. You will have the opportunity of a six-month internship at one of the best hotels in Europe and one year with one of the  finest hotels, in the USA for global exposure, which is the dream of every outstanding chef. The program begins in March and September every year. Let us be your bridge to the next level, contact us now for quick assessment and get the information and guidance required that will secure your future.

If you are already on the job as a hospitality professional (chef, cook, server, bartender, receptionist, etc) and you want to advance your professional development and career, there is a place for you in our USA program, through our recruitment services. You have an opportunity to polish your professional skills through adequate training from experts in the field.

Many ill-equipped chefs have gone into the field only to discover their limitations when it was too late. That is why you need to be well-equipped to be able to operate on the global stage. There is so much to learn and only systematic professional training and guidance can provide you with essential skills that you need to excel. Give us the privilege of connecting you with the best hotels in the USA from coast to coast and enjoy your career advancement.

Passport Chefs also offers event and in-home catering. Our trained chefs, have worked in three different continents and offer the best in presentation, taste and ingredients to each meal prepared.

Our services are affordable and without compromise to utmost quality. Our customer service is impeccable; our delivery is second to none.

The sky is the limit. Allow us to connect you to world-class opportunities for training and international placement!

 Get your passport ready. Get ready to fly! Call us now!



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